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What is an adage?

An adage is a short pithy saying that expresses some knowledge or important experience. Mr Edward Murphy became famous for his laws, although in fact all he did was say something like:

“If something can go wrong, it probably will”.

All Murphy’s later laws were expressed by people who observed or experienced this fact of life in their work, in nature or in everyday experience.

After sixteen years running my own restaurant, I also have drawn up a list of laws which refer to the gastronomic world and which my children have called:


  1. Something left over from the food you prepared? Throw it away! To try and make something with it will take time and money and you’ll end up throwing it all away anyway.

  2. A glass that falls and smashes contains more glass than when it was whole.

  3. If the day looks like being a quiet one, something is bound to complicate it.

  4. If for some reason you don’t have everything prepared, you are short of something or a member of the staff is sick, you are certain to have a full house.

  5. When everything is ready on time, you are well supplied and you’ve take on extra staff for the occasion, the restaurant will be empty.

  6. A container with solid food will always fall upside down.

  7. A container with liquid will always fall face up, thus causing a greater mess.

  8. “Easy open” systems always fail when you are in a hurry.

  9. Fingers will suffer cuts on days when there is a lot of work.

  10. If you have ten kinds of food on the menu, everyone will ask for the one that you don’t have on it that day.

  11. If you prepare a lot of some particular food, you can be sure that no one will order it

  12. Machines or mechanical devices will fail or break on days when the restaurant is full.

Picture of Walter Gaydou

Walter Gaydou

Propietario y parrillero del restaurante Tehuelche Grill Argentino, disfruta no solo de trabajar en la parrilla sino también de escribir reflexiones que puedan ayudar a que este mundo sea mejor.

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